About Us

Australian Fingerlime Caviar is a wholesaler of quality Australian Fingerlimes (Citrus Australasica) that exports to the EU and Asia and supplies the domestic market and has done so since 2004. Australian Fingerlime Caviar is made up of a group of growers from Coffs Harbour to the NSW Northern Rivers with over 11,000 trees, being the largest group of growers in Australia.

The Northern Rivers of NSW rainforest region  where the Fingerlime is endemic provides a great opportunity for this enviromentally sustainable industry, growing some of the best quality fingerlimes in the world. Australian Fingerlime Caviar only sources from this region to ensure quality and authenticity of this native citrus, marketing 7-8 ton into food service, distilleries, breweries, chocolate and icecream and drink companies

Fingerlimes are Australia’s own super food, renowned for their high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants NSW growers are now supplying the beauty  products and health food supplement industry as well as tea companies

As a wholesaler Australian Fingerlime Caviar sells fresh fingerlimes, snap frozen, and have expanded into the freeze drying market  providing customers with a variety of freeze dried products. We also wholesale Davidson Plums, Desert Limes, Red  Centre Limes, Outback Limes and Lemon Aspens


Australian Fingerlime caviar is made up of nine growers, with over eleven thousand trees, growing ten varieties of finger lime. We are the largest group of growers in the country, located on the east coast of Australia 

All of our orchards are irrigated and all growers practise sustainable farming methods, using only organic natural fertilizers and pest control management approved by the Biological Farmers Association(BFA)

Mulch is used to minimize weed growth  provide biological habitat which effectively reduces irrigation requirements.